Vaital Deul Also Known As Tini Mundia temple Of Goddess Chamunda

Vaital Deul:

A late 8th century temple dedicated to goddess Chamunda, Vaital Deul is also known as Tini Mundia temple. Located within a walking distance from Lingaraj Temple, Vaital Deul is in the shape of a sanctuary tower and popular as a Shakti Temple.

Associated with tantric cult, sacrifice and eroticism, the temple has eerie carvings in the sanctum that has an idol of eight armed Chamunda, locally known as Kapaḷini, the terrifying form of goddess Durga (Mahishasura Mardini).

Vaital Deul

The presiding deity sits on a corpse flanked by a jackal and an owl, and is adorned with a garland of skulls. She holds a snake, bow, shield, sword, trident, thunderbolt and an arrow, and is piercing the neck of the demon.

In front of the Jagamohana, there is a stand post where sacrificial offerings were made. On the outer walls of the temple are carvings of Sun God, Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati in her Shakti form and scenes from hunting processions.

Some of the early erotic sculptures in Odishan art are found here; erotica later became a conventional motif, present in almost all forms of decorative temple architecture.

On the eastern face of the temple, one can see an extremely fine image of the Sun God flanked by his sisters―Usha and Pratyusa―in a chariot, which is driven by Aruna. The Vaital Deul complex also houses another temple by the name of Sisireswar.

Vaital Deul


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