Thiakia Besha Or Laxmi Narayan Besha Of Lord Jagannath


Thiakia besha is also known as Laxmi Narayan besha of Lord Jagannat.Costume Of Lord Jagannath On Kartik suklaEkadasi , the deities are dressed in royal manner as Sri Visnu and Lakshmi. the other name of this Besha is Thiakia Besha.

Thiakia Besha

It is said that Sri Nimbakacharya in 12th century introduced this Besha. Lord Jagannath as dressed as Visnu with Sankha and Chakra and Lord Balavadra with bow and arrow and MaaSubhadra appears with hands and legs and sits like a queen.

On the 11th bright day of the month of Kartika (Oct-Nov) after abhishek the deities are decorated as Laxmi Narayan vesha. The deities are also decorated with gold ornaments. On their heads golden crowns charming with Thiakias.

In this vesha Lord Jagannath holds conch shell of silver and the sudarshan chakra (the wheel) made of gold, Lord Balabhadra holds plough and shovel. This vesha is very dear to Bishista-daityabad – caste of devotees. It is also believed that Ramanucharya was pleased with this Laxmi Narayan vesha. In that day he used to give a grand feast to Sri caste devotees.


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