Sanaghagara Waterfall Is A Beautiful Waterfall Of The Kendujhar District

The Sanaghagara Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall of the Kendujhar district in the Indian state of Odisha.”Sanaghagara” is an odiya word which means ‘small waterfall’. This is one of the famous and charming picnic spots in Odisha, attracting large number of tourists. This area is widely spread in a hilly region. It is frequented by tourists throughout year, also they enjoy trekking and camping here. Best time to visit this amazing place is from November to February. During that period whether is cool enough and pleasant. We visited here at the end of November and it was a good experience. We didn’t encounter with lot of hot and running sweat.

Sanaghagara Waterfall

Location Of Sanaghagara Waterfall:

Sanaghagara Waterfall is located at a distance of 6 km from the district headquarters (Kendujhar) of Kendujhar district. It is situated at a distance of 3 kilometers on the upstream of Badaghagara Waterfall.


This waterfall is approximately 100 ft high and surrounded by hills and forest. It creates huge sound while falling from hills. A pool is made out of water falling. The combination of waterfall, pool beside, rocks and greenery of forest cause natural scenario to look fantastic and worth watching.


Waterfall is the not the only thing you can enjoy here but this place is fabricated with other facilities from tourists’ point of view. A spacious garden linked with waterfall offers a peaceful environment to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Many colorful plants are grown to add beauty to this garden. Sculptures of animals like monkey, tiger, deer are situated one side, children love to watch it. Several benches and few swings also available.

After passing through garden fabricated steps with side railing lead you towards waterfall. As you come closer, the sound of waterfall goes on increasing. Out of the garden and near to parking area of vehicles, tourists can enjoy boating in a pool. Several small vendors gathered to make business by offering snacks items. Also many restaurants present outside where lunch or snacks can be enjoyed. Various hotels are available in Keonjhar at affordable prices provided with better service. I suggest this place is good for one-day picnic with your family or friends. If you have extra time, then you can also manage to visit other well known tourist-places nearby.

They are:

  1. Badaghagara- This is another beautiful waterfall in the same district Keonjhar at a distance of about 3 km from Sanaghagara. A dam has been constructed on the downstream side of this waterfall as it is an everlasting source of water.
  2. Tarini temple- This temple is dedicated to goddess Durga. It is situated in Ghatagaon of Keonjhar district at a distance of about 50 kms from Sanaghagara. While traveling from Bhubaneshwar you will first confront this temple then after a duration of 1 hour 30 minutes you will reach Sanaghagara. Road is in good condition.

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