Popular food show of Odisha Puntu Nana nka Peta Jatra

‘Puntu Nana nka Peta Jatra’ which means a character named Puntu’s journey to find traditional food has gained immense popularity over time. Puntu Nana, the anchor of the show who is sick of all the modern cooking and fast food recipes has been out and visited every corner of the state to find typical traditional tasty recipes.
puntu nana peta jatra image
Over the year Puntu Nana has visited about 50 towns and villages, has met hundred families and discovered hundreds of unique traditional recipes. Now Puntu Nana has been a well known name in every household. He is getting about hundreds invitation daily from people who are interested to teach him a new recipe.
The show has garnered praise and appreciation from audience for its unique content, style, treatment and presentation. Made with joint effort of respected advertising agency Sanket and Light House production, Puntu Nana nka Peta Jatra, is regarded not only a food show but a family show which teaches women unique recipes and entertains children and adult with a quotient of humour, fun and laughter.
Popular artist of TV, theatre and film Sri Antaryami Panda has been essayed the character of Puntu in the programme. Different in content, tone and treatment, Puntu Nana nka Peta Jatra is currently  the most unique program in Odia television. The program comes every Sunday at 6.30pm on Sarthak Tv.

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