Odisha Students Built A BIKE That Can Be Driven Both Ways

A group of engineering students in Odisha have developed a bike that can be driven both ways.

Named Avatar, the motorcycle is developed by 15 final-year mechanical engineering students of NM Institute of Engineering and Technology in Bhubaneswar. It took the group six months to build the two-wheeler.


The 100cc bike boasts a mileage of 45km to a litre and has a maximum speed of 50kmph. The motorcycle has basic features on either sides, including accelerator, clutch and fuel tank. A trial run of the bike was held in Bhubaneswar yesterday.

“We were on a trip and had parked our motorcycles in the stand. But we were unable to take them out because there was no space on either side. That was when the idea struck,” said Anupam Tiwari, a member of the group.

The team has already filed a patent application for their invention.


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