New Odia Music Video To Paakhare Atakichi Aei Mo Duniya

New odia music video To Paakhare Atakichi Aei Mo Duniya featuring Anshuman and Rihana released online recently.

Song: To Paakhare Atakichi

Singer: Humane Sagar

Music Director: Baidyanath Dash

Lyrics: Arun Mantri

Featuring: Anshuman and Rihana

Video Editing and Director: Lubun-Tubun

DI: Phionix Film Lab

Solo Album: Niswasa

Music Lable: 91.9 Sarthak FM

Producer: Sitaram Agrawalla

The song To Paakhare Atakichi beautiful number, sung by odia popular singer Humane Sagar, popular music composed by Baidyanath Dash and popular music written by Arun Mantri.

Watch To Paakhare Atakichi new odia music video here.

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