Natural Home Herbal Remedies & Diet For Eosinophilia

Natural Herbal Remedies & Diet For Eosinophilia:

What is Eosinophilia?

When there is increase in number of eosinophil count in blood is known as Eosinophilia. They are white blood cells which are responsible in overcoming  infections related to some parasites thus also control various allergic responses or allergies like asthma and other skin related allergies.

These eosinophils are first made up from bone marrow before entering into the blood. Due to increase in eosinophils inflammation develops in airways which causes breathlessness, continuous coughing and profuse blockage in lungs.


Causes or Reasons of Eosinophilia:

Eosinophilia can be caused due to a variety of reasons; few of them have been discussed below:

  • The basis cause leading to this condition is due to allergies.
  • A parasitic infection or due to any skin disease.
  • Lung related diseases
  • Inflammation of the vessels of the blood vessels
  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Lack of antibody in the body
  • Lymphoma
  • Less common or prevalent type of skin diseases

Diet for eosinophilia:

Research has found that one of the basic causes leading to this disease is food allergies. So it is better to avoid those food items which lead to allergies.

Effective elimination and dietary management would go a long way in eradicating this serious disorder naturally.

A patient diet should be devoid of allergy producing foods such as milk, wheat, curd, egg, banana, cold or frozen foods, soy, peanuts, and fish or shellfish. It is advised to consume good amounts of leafy vegetables and drink plenty of fresh water daily.

The Top 5 Herbal Remedies For Eosinophilia Are As Follows:



Scientific name of this herb is Azadirachta Indica. Juice of neem leaves is very helful in curing eosinophilia as it purifies blood and lessens skin rashes, itching, boils etc. It is the best disinfectant, detoxification agent and antiseptic agent.



Scientific name of this herb is Adhatoda vasica. This is a magical herb that protects one from different types of respiratory tract infections. Its remarkable action helps in breaking down the mucus layer and gives comfort to the person from eosinophilia.



Scientific name of this herb is Cinnamomum zeylanicun. This is a vital herbal remedy which boosts immunity power of a person and cures various health problems resulting from low immunity power such as eosinophilia. It effectively destroys free radicals from the body and prevents its growth.



Scientific name of this herb is Ocimum sanctum. Tulsi is a very ancient and divine herb known to cure various chronic and life threatening diseases such as diabetes, auto immune disorders, cancer, arthinitis, asthma and disease caused due to allergies like eosinophilia etc. It is the best home remedy to treat eosinophilia from root.



Scientific name of this herb is Withania somnifera. This herb is widely known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic qualities. It is effective in prevention of all types of allergies naturally. It provides a fine balance of the three energies in the body and restores health.


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