Nabakalebara: Suna Besa of New Lord Puri

Suna Besa or golden attire as Raja or Rajadhiraja besha  or Raja Besha, is an event when the Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra takes place one day after the Bahuda Yatra.Lakhs of devotees throng to the holy city of Odisha , i.e Puri to have a glimpse of Sunabesa of Lord Jagannath. Suna besa is a festival of grandeur in which Lord Jagannath,Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra are decorated with beautiful gold ornaments, The name Suna Besha is derived from two words, ‘Suna’ meaning “gold” and ‘Besha’ meaning “costume.

Suna Besha is observed 5 times during a year. It is commonly observed on Magha Purnima (January), Bahuda Ekadashi also known as Asadha Ekadashi (July), Dashahara (Vijyadashami) (October), Karthik Purnima (November), and Pousa Purnima (December).Sunabesa

The ornaments includes golden crown, golden peacock feather, golden necklace and silver conch. All the ornaments are made up of solid gold and weigh about a ton.Gold ornaments of 138 types and style measuring about one hundred kilos are used to decorate the deities in complete gold.

The ornaments include giant limbs- feet, hands, insignias and weapons like mace, lotus, wheel and conch and huge tiaras besides number of special necklaces and garlands. The deities too put on big kundalas in their ears besides chest guards all made of gold. The special darshan of Lord continues till late night every year.



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