Health insurance to Shree Mandir sevayats begins

The Shree Jagannath Temple (Puri) Administration (SJTA) has begun an initiative to provide health insurance cover to sevayats (servitors) of the Lord Jagannath temple at Odisha’s Puri.

A maximum of seven members of a sevayat family will be entitled to treatment for ailments subject to a maximum coverage of Rs 2 lakh per annum under the scheme.

Puri Sevayats

As part of the process, camps have been set up at different localities in Puri town to take photographs and inclusion of other details of members of the sevayat families.

Sevayat families will be provided with health cards for the purpose.

A total of 9,000 family members of 1,940 sevayat families enumerated as per 2013 socio-economic census of sevayat familes will benefit under the scheme.


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