Budhei Osha Or Budhi Baman Osha Observed On Wednesdays In The Month Of Bhadrab

About Budhei Osha

Budhei Osha” also known as Budhei-Sudhei Osha or Budhi Baman Osha observed on Wednesdays in the month of Bhadrab and goddess Bimala or Tarini is worshipped with the establishment of the idol of Buddhi Baman in a Sila (Curry Stone, which is used for pressing/grinding of Masalas for Curry).

Budhei OshaTurmeric is mixed with water to make a mould and then given a human shape on a Sila or Curry stone. Cowries make up for the eyes and other sense organs and is also decorated with vermillion. It is believed that the turmeric in this form has some kind of healing power!

Budhei Osha is worshiped in the form of a “curry-stone”adorned with vermilion, collуrium and flowers Through this fast, Budhei Osha was sought to be appeased and asked to grant boons to restore the vision of the blind, cure lсpros and other virulent discаscs, and beget children. According to a myth a wine dealer’s wife was cured of her leprosy and a pregnant Brahmin woman had a safe delivery after pleasing the goddess through their fasts.

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