Bollywood Actress Madhuri Dixit’s Next Is A Marathi Film With A Beautiful Plot

Bollywood across the globe actress Madhuri Dixit’s next is a marathi film with a Beautiful Plot.

Madhuri Dixit

Currently untitled, it is a slice of life film that revolves around the self-realization journey of a woman (played by Madhuri) with a dash of humour attached to its narrative style. The film will be directed by Tejas Prabha Vijay Deoskar who has also written the film along with Devashree Shivadekar. The film is co-produced by Subhedar and Aarti Subhedar of Blue Mustang Creations along with Vivek Rangachari and Arun Rangachari of Dar Motion Pictures (producers of The Lunch Box).

Madhuri genuinely believes cinema is beyond language and an effective story shown with expressive visuals can break language barriers and enthrall audiences across the globe.

Talking about the subject, Madhuri expressed, “It is a story of every household yet it has a silver lining. It not only gives you hope and inspiration but also encourages you to live life in the true sense. The most fascinating factor for me to choose it is that it is going to carve a niche in everyone’s heart.”


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