Bada Osha Is The Festival Celebrated In The State Of Orissa In India

Bada Osha is the festival which is celebrated in the state of Orissa in India.Orissa is a place which is highly famous for large number of temples and places of worship, and it is highly cultured and traditionally a very rich place.

Bada OshaThere are many festivals celebrated in Orissa.Odisha is a land of rich tradition and culture where one can find an amalgamation of religions , temples, shrines and tribes with people from various parts of the country observing different rituals and Bada Osha is one of them.

The festival of Bada Osha is the “Festival of Fasting” celebrated in the month of Kartik. As a custom, men observe this fast. The fast is kept on the fourteenth day of Kartik.

Celebration of Bada Osha:

Basically this festival is celebrated in Dhabaleshwar or the temple of lord Mahadeva. This temple is situated in an island in the river called Mahanadi near the state of Cuttack. This temple in this small island is very crowded and is always filled with devotees from all over India as well as the world. Since lord Shiva is considered as one of the most looked upon Gods in the Hindu religion, one of the most important part of this festival is fasting. This fasting is basically conducted by men and therefore this festival is very much seriously celebrated abiding to the rules and regulations. Fasting means some real business in the Hindu religion and it is a way of sacrificing the day’s food in the name of that particular God that is being felicitated upon.

The Dhabaleshwar or the temple of lord mahadeva located in the island of river mahanadi is just 3-4 kms away from the place called Cuttack. During this festival large number of tourists and people from the entire nation crowd this temple for this auspicious occasion.

As we all know that festivals are known for the enjoyment and merriment that people involve in, however this festival is somewhat similar to few of the festivals like Ramzan of the Muslims and Shivaratri amongst the Hindus where fasting is basically observed to experience penance for the sins and also to sacrifice that particular day’s food and activities.

Since food is considered as one of the most essential needs of man, by observing fast people are showing their gratitude towards the God.


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