OHRC notice to BMC for dead body on trolly

he Odisha Human Rights Fee (OHRC) on Monday directed BMC commissioner to submit a report in 4 weeks on ferrying an unclaimed body in a trolley in full public view within the metropolis on Sunday.
The fee additionally requested the BMC to place in place a system for dealing with such instances in future.
On Sunday, a trolley rickshaw puller had transported a decomposed physique, recognized as that of Kelu Nayak, wrapped up with a white fabric from Capital Hospital to Satya Nagar crematorium by way of AG Sq., Secretariat and Ram Mandir Sq..
Metropolis mayor A N Jena stated the BMC will organize a automobile to move unclaimed our bodies to crematorium.
At the very least 10 unclaimed our bodies are cremated by the BMC each month. “The BMC will get solely Rs 600 to get rid of an unclaimed physique. We are going to urge the state authorities to extend the quantity for transportation and cremation of unclaimed our bodies,” he stated.


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