10 Interesting And Amazing Facts About The Jagannath Temple In Puri

Do you know 10 amazing and interesting facts about the Jagannath Temple in Puri? If no, then read the article below.

Puri Jagannath Temple was built in 12th century by King Chodaganga Deva. The temple is also famous for ‘Ratha Yatra’ where lakhs of devotees gather annually to celebrate the event. Apart from holiness there are certain mysterious facts about this famous temple.

Amazing Facts

Keep your scientific brain aside and go through these amazing facts.

1. The flag atop the Jagannath temple always flaps in the opposite direction of wind.

2. From any place in Puri you will always find the Sudarshan Chakra (Chakra at top of the Temple) facing you.

3. Normally during day-time, air comes from sea to land & during evening, the vice-versa occurs. But in Puri it is totally opposite.

4. It is a surprise that nothing flies above the temple. No planes, not even birds. There is no scientific explanation for this yet.

5. The temple is constructed in such a way that the shadow of the main dome of the temple cannot be observed at any given time.

6. The quantity of cooked food inside the Temple remains same for the entire year. But that same quantity of prasadam can feed from 2000 to 20 lakh people, still it won’t get insufficient or wasted.

7. In the Jagannath Temple kitchen, 7 pots are kept one on top of another and cooked on firewood. In this process the contents in the top pot get cooked first & then the bottom one.

8. There is a ocean near the temple. When you’re entering the Singhadwara (The main door) of the temple you can clearly hear sound of the ocean, now once you passed the Singhadwara just take a turn and walk back in the same direction you came. You cannot hear the ocean until you come out of the temple.

9. It is said that every time Lord Jagannath refuses to visit his aunt’s place, and no matter how many thousands of devotees push the chariot, it doesn’t move a bit from its place during Rath Yatra.

10. A priest climbs the dome of the temple which stands as tall as a 45 story building and changes the flag everyday Since 1800 years as a part of a ritual. If it is not changed any day, the temple must be shut for the next 18 years.


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